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Integrated Pest Management Publications and Factsheets

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Tomato Late Blight01/17/2019
2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual MAIN DOCUMENT2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/08/2023
Are There Alternatives to Glyphosate for Weed Control in Landscapes?10/02/2018
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases06/14/2018
Wool Sower Gall Wasp05/10/2017
Fishing Spiders and Wolf Spiders09/11/2017
Yellow and Black Flat Millipede07/02/2019
Biology and Control of Carpenter Ants08/07/2008
Mourning Cloak Butterfly / Spiny Elm Caterpillar07/09/2020
Catalpa Worm or Catalpa Sphinx05/24/2021
4. InsectsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Beech Blight Aphid01/07/2017
Eyed Elator05/04/2016
Spiny Witchhazel gall aphid01/06/2017
Phorid Flies11/17/2021
Fusarium Wilt of Tomato06/22/2021
Termite Prevention - Approaches for New Construction06/01/2009
Eastern Leaf-footed Bug07/04/2016
Garden millipede in the Landscape05/01/2013
Controlling English Ivy in Urban Landscapes03/05/2019
Common Disease Pests of Maple in North Carolina05/13/2022
American Dagger Moth03/13/2020
Weed Management in Watermelon05/14/2020
Insect Control2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
6. WeedsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Ground Pearls in Turf10/25/2017
Chemical Weed Control2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Pests of AsparagusInsect and Related Pests of Vegetables01/01/2003
Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing06/20/2019
Hollyhock Weevil08/10/2016
Genista Broom Moth / Genista Caterpillar08/25/2017
Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato12/19/2016
Scoliid Wasps in Turf10/25/2017
North Carolina Production Guide for Smaller Orchard Plantings06/08/2016
Callirhytis Oak Gall Wasps07/29/2016
Disease Management and Guidelines for the Honey Bee01/19/2021
Pests of RhododendronInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Bombardier Beetles and False Bombardier Beetles09/16/2016
Root-Knot Nematode of Tomato08/16/2020
Homeowner’s Guide to Managing Diseases Using Fungicides, Bactericides, and Alternative Products04/01/2021
Persimmon Psyllid11/07/2018
Cecropia Moth11/19/2012
Cottony Camellia Scale Insect05/07/2014
Goldenrod Soldier Beetle08/03/2016
17. Organic GardeningNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Common Insect Pests of Oak in North Carolina04/05/2022
Oak Vein Pocket Gall Midge04/12/2020
Purplespotted Lily Aphid06/15/2020
Yellowstriped Armyworm in the Landscape02/06/2017
Granulate (Asian) Ambrosia Beetle11/19/2012
Buck Moth01/25/2017
Managing Varroa Mites in Honey Bee Colonies02/23/2016
Small Carpenter Bees01/08/2017
Redheaded Ash Borer09/29/2017
Elm Leafminer08/03/2020
White Grubs in Turf10/25/2017
Sculptured Pine Borer06/27/2016
Oriental Beetle08/02/2016
Asiatic Garden Beetle05/31/2016
Baldfaced Hornets in Landscapes04/08/2016
20. WildlifeNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Common Disease Pests of Oak in North Carolina04/05/2022
Forest Tent Caterpillar10/07/2016
Greenstriped Mapleworm07/03/2015
Hibiscus Scentless Plant Bug07/12/2016
Yellowjackets in the Landscape04/05/2016
Common Insect Pests of Maple in North Carolina04/21/2022
Yellownecked Caterpillar in the Landscape02/03/2017
Boxwood Mite11/17/2012
Leafcutter Bees10/23/2017
Spotted Lanternfly04/23/2021
2023 Flue-Cured Tobacco Guide01/10/2023
Pests of AzaleaInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Mulberryweed (Fatoua villosa)08/19/2016
Japanese Maple Scale, Lopholeucaspis japonica (Cockerell), Hemiptera: Diaspididae07/03/2015
Imperial Moth02/09/2017
2023 Peanut Information MAIN DOCUMENT2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Tersa Sphinx09/13/2017
Root Mealybugs02/22/2018
Lady Beetles02/23/2015
Annual Bluegrass Weevil in Turf10/25/2017
Pests of ConifersInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Black Root Rot on Ornamental Plants02/01/2021
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (North Carolina)02/23/2015
Common Pantry Pests and their Management07/15/2022
Mimosa Webworm10/03/2016
Yellow Poplar Weevil12/03/2018
Larger Yellow Ant05/13/2020
7. DiagnosticsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Acorn Weevil03/16/2017
Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot on Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials06/14/2017
Maple Spider Mite, Oligonychus aceris (Shimer), Acariformes: Tetranychidae07/03/2015
Brown Spot of Tobacco09/27/2019
Dogwood Sawfly03/18/2017
Syrphid flies02/23/2015
Acclaim Extra (fenoxaprop-p)02/27/2017
Asian Longhorned Tick09/19/2019
Oak Shothole Leafminer07/07/2020
Appendix G. Permaculture DesignNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Pests of BoxwoodInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Ivory-marked Borer03/18/2019
2023 Cotton Information MAIN DOCUMENT2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Banded Woollybear / Isabella Moth01/30/2017
Crane Fly Larvae in Turf10/25/2017
Whitemarked Tussock Moth08/09/2017
Gypsy Moth02/28/2017
Sunflower Moth10/30/2019
Dogwood Borer02/23/2015
Pests of LilacInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Betsy Beetle or Horned Passalus08/01/2016
Gladiolus Thrips01/11/2017
Codling Moth04/18/2014
Japanese Beetle02/23/2015
Greenhouse Weed Control08/17/2015
Earthworms in Turf10/25/2017
Biological Control of Pests: Questions and Answers for the Home Gardener01/25/2010
Keeled Treehopper03/13/2017
Fertilizer Use2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Pests of GardeniaInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Carolina Mantid09/09/2016
Arborvitae Leafminer09/23/2016
Roseslug or Rose Sawfly05/29/2020
2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings MAIN DOCUMENT2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings03/03/2017
Giant Willow Aphid07/27/2016
Millipedes in Turf10/25/2017
Pine Spittlebug05/10/2016
Pavement Ant02/15/2018
Dismiss (sulfentrazone)02/27/2017
Appendix C. Diagnostic TablesNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/01/2022
Insect and Related Pests of Shrubs MAIN DOCUMENTInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Fourlined Plant Bug06/09/2016
Pests of HollyInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Emerald Ash Borer12/16/2020
Boisduval Scale09/22/2016
Harlequin Bug03/21/2020
Lantana Lace Bug11/22/2019
Corn Rusts: Common and Southern Rust08/14/2018
Pests of LigustrumInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Crowned Slug Caterpillar05/06/2019
Chinch Bugs in Turf10/25/2017
Pests of DogwoodInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Insect and Disease Control of Fruits2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
The Redbanded Leafhopper on Ornamental Plants09/22/2017
Azalea Bark Scale04/21/2016
Annual and Periodical Cicada02/23/2015
Sedgehammer (halosulfuron)08/24/2016
Disease Control2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Pests of RoseInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Saddleback Caterpillar01/27/2017
Cicada Killer Wasps in Turf10/25/2017
Fall Armyworms in Turf10/25/2017
Soybean Seedling Diseases04/17/2020
Elm-Grass Root Aphid08/13/2020
Green Fruitworm04/13/2016
Cutworms in Turf10/25/2017
Stinging Rose Caterpillar04/11/2016
Amber Snails08/10/2017
Giant Strong-Nosed Stink Bug01/27/2021
Plum Curculio02/23/2015
Yellowjackets in Turf10/25/2017
Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome05/08/2019
Blue Mold of Tobacco10/07/2020
Mulberry Whitefly03/10/2017
Red-Headed Flea Beetle Management in Container Nurseries12/21/2022
Tobacco - Nitrogen (N) Deficiency01/01/2017
Granville Wilt of Tobacco02/05/2019
Megalodacne Pleasing Fungus Beetles09/17/2016
Twolined Spittlebugs in Turf10/25/2017
Clover Mites in Turf10/25/2017
Road Map to the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides10/04/2022
Southern Pine Sawyer05/10/2016
Native Elm Bark Beetle08/15/2017
Flatheaded Appletree Borer11/15/2018
Cattail Toothpick Grasshopper07/16/2020
Apple Maggot02/23/2015
Tobacco - Sulfur (S) Deficiency01/01/2017
Sycamore Lace Bug07/18/2016
Rednecked Cane Borer03/26/2019
Fern Scale Insect03/03/2018
Cabbage Palm Caterpillar or Palmetto Borer06/08/2020
Barnacle Scale01/07/2022
Green Apple Aphid / Spirea Aphid02/23/2015
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker06/08/2016
Redbanded Leafroller02/23/2015
Tobacco - Manganese (Mn) Deficiency01/01/2017
Peachtree Borer02/23/2015
Biological Control of Emerald Ash Borer in North Carolina05/31/2022
Lesser Peachtree Borer02/23/2015
Goal, GoalTender (oxyfluorfen)08/24/2016
Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybean09/03/2020
Gray Leaf Spot in Corn09/30/2020
Muhlygrass Mealybug08/31/2022
Rose Aphid05/20/2016
Rhododendron Borer01/23/2017
Solitary Oak Leafminer02/13/2019
Woolly Apple Aphid02/23/2015
Rosy Apple Aphid02/23/2015
Casoron (dichlobenil)11/19/2014
PSI & II-Inhibiting Herbicide Injury on Soybean01/11/2021
Bean Leafroller11/19/2012
Chrysanthemum Lace Bug12/16/2019
Oak Lace Bug07/21/2016
Rhododendron Lace Bug03/28/2019
Juniper Scale Insect02/21/2019
Baptisia Seed Pod Weevil05/14/2019
Question Mark Butterfly06/18/2020
Black Thread Scale Insect07/13/2020
2023 Cotton Cost of Production2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Corn Earworm in Soybean03/17/2020
Tobacco - Boron (B) Toxicity01/01/2017
Tobacco - Boron (B) Deficiency01/01/2017
Fire Ants in Commercial Turfgrass, Home Lawns and Landscapes02/27/2018
Clubroot of Brassicas06/09/2021
Asian Soybean Rust09/02/2020
Beech Bark Disease06/15/2022
Banded Sphinx09/09/2020
Twospotted Spider Mite02/23/2015
Aphid Predatory Midge02/23/2015
San Jose Scale02/23/2015
Animal Damage Control2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Soybean Mosaic Virus09/08/2020
Annual or Dogday Cicadas03/18/2014
Crapemyrtle Flea Beetle03/14/2019
Beet Armyworm09/26/2016
Bulb Mites02/26/2018
Spotted Tentiform Leafminer02/23/2015
Lesser Appleworm02/23/2015
Tobacco - Copper (Cu) Deficiency01/01/2017
Tobacco - Potassium (K) Deficiency01/01/2017
Princep, Simazine (simazine)02/27/2015
Peanut Weed Management2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Precision Agriculture Technology: How to Become a Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot03/07/2018
Ground-Nesting Bees in Turf10/25/2017
Pests of CamelliaInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Biopesticides for Disease Management in Vegetable Crops05/17/2022
Potato Aphid on Ornamental Plants09/01/2017
Tobacco Budworm on Ornamentals05/27/2016
Tulip Aphid01/09/2017
Hackberry Leafslug or White Flannel Moth01/10/2017
Azalea Whitefly12/19/2017
Rosette Bud Mite on Fraser Fir01/01/2011
Sugarcane Beetles in Turf10/25/2017
Root Knot Nematode of Soybean01/28/2019
Pests of PyracanthaInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Common Ragweed: A Problem Weed in NC Fraser Fir Production07/29/2022
Black Cutworm04/13/2016
Northern Twostriped Walkingstick08/29/2017
Potato Leafhopper on Ornamental Plants02/23/2018
Hemlock Rust Mite02/05/2019
Variegated Cutworm on Ornamentals02/26/2019
Rustic Sphinx07/18/2019
Shining Flower Beetles06/26/2020
Tobacco - Zinc (Zn) Deficiency01/01/2017
Synthetic Auxins07/13/2015
Crayfish in Turf10/25/2017
Mole Crickets in Turf10/25/2017
Barricade, Prodiamine, Resolute, Regalkade G (prodiamine)11/13/2014
Brown Spot of Soybean09/03/2020
Target Spot of Soybean09/08/2020
Aerial Web Blight09/10/2020
HPPD and Clomazone Injury on Soybean12/03/2020
Getting Data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Using R05/27/2021
Twolined Chestnut Borer08/03/2022
Green Coneheaded Planthopper03/25/2015
Cypress Twig Gall Midge04/02/2019
Citrus Leafminer10/21/2017
Japanese Cedar Longhorned Beetle10/26/2018
Leatherjackets and Crane Flies06/20/2020
Obliquebanded Leafroller02/23/2015
PPO-Inhibiting Herbicide Injury on Soybean01/22/2021
Elm Zigzag Sawfly08/31/2022
Crickets in Strawberries03/19/2014
Raspberry Cane Borer07/23/2016
Daylily Leafminer12/01/2018
Insidious Plant Bug02/23/2015
Springtails in Turf10/25/2017
Pesticide Use and Safety Information2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Root Inhibitors05/10/2016
Are You Weeding Frequently Enough to Prevent Weeds From Spreading?10/15/2018
Zoysiagrass Mites05/23/2019
Hemp Russet Mite in Industrial Hemp08/04/2020
Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus of Soybean09/10/2020
Insect Pests of Dogwood in North Carolina06/10/2022
Rose Chafer06/07/2016
Narcissus Bulb Fly08/06/2016
Andromeda Lace Bug04/08/2017
Cranberry Rootworm Beetles on Ornamentals01/20/2018
Red Bay Triozid02/19/2020
Hickory Spiral Borer03/23/2020
Tufted Apple Bud Moth02/23/2015
Japanese Beetles in Turf10/25/2017
Arthropod Pests of Rhododendron10/25/2018
Common Insect Pests of Ash in North Carolina05/16/2022
Voles in Commercial Orchard and Ornamental Nurseries11/01/1993
Diamondback Moth09/26/2016
Australian Cockroach in Interiorscapes03/15/2017
Planting, Harvesting, and Curing Peanuts2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Target Spot of Tobacco08/17/2020
Black Pecan Aphid05/13/2016
Orange-Shouldered Sherbet Moth01/18/2019
Pales Weevil02/18/2019
Ironweed Longhorn Borer11/23/2019
Yellow Scale Insect01/30/2020
Hickory Peach Gall Midge05/27/2020
Deodar Weevil / Eastern Pine Weevil07/28/2020
Voles in Turf10/25/2017
Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information02/28/2020
Blister Beetle in Soybean05/19/2020
ALS-Inhibiting Herbicide Injury on Soybean01/11/2021
Let’s Work Together in Addressing Environmental and Societal Issues: Guide to Engaging Stakeholders and Communities07/05/2022
Chrysanthemum Aphid05/30/2016
Grasshoppers on Ornamental Plants01/22/2018
Purple Mite12/12/2018
Pine Engraver Beetles08/10/2019
Greenhouse Thrips06/05/2020
Willow Bladdergall Mite07/10/2020
Tobacco - Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency01/01/2017
Tobacco - Phosphorus (P) Deficiency01/01/2017
Fuller Rose Beetle07/03/2015
Chemical Application Equipment2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Potato Leafhopper02/23/2015
Pests of EuonymusInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Fusarium Wilt of Soybean09/04/2020
Glyphosate Injury on Soybeans01/11/2021
Firewood as a Vector in Invasive Pest Dispersal06/22/2021
Minute Cypress Scale Insect05/14/2013
American Serpentine Leafminer12/29/2017
Tarnished Plant Bug02/23/2015
European Red Mite02/23/2015
Envoy Plus (clethodim)04/29/2016
Freehand (dimethenamid-p + pendimethalin)11/18/2014
Tobacco - Calcium (Ca) Deficiency01/01/2017
Spined Stilt Bug in Tobacco02/10/2017
Peanut Production Practices2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Root Knot Nematode of Cotton01/18/2019
Weed Control Options for Strawberries on Plastic01/01/2006
Pests of Crape MyrtleInsect and Related Pests of Shrubs01/01/1993
Alternative Product Demonstration and Research Guidelines for Extension Agents11/21/2019
Soybean Charcoal Rot09/04/2020
Anthracnose of Soybean09/08/2020
Glufosinate Injury on Soybean01/11/2021
Bifasciculate Scale Insect04/29/2016
Leafminers of Hollies08/09/2016
Japanese Maple Leafhopper06/18/2019
Tobacco - Molybdenum (Mo) Deficiency01/01/2017
Complete Southeastern US Pest Control Guide2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings03/03/2017
Suggestions for Growth Regulator Use2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Japanese Beetle in Industrial Hemp04/22/2020
Cannabis Aphid in Industrial Hemp07/03/2020
Cottonwood Leaf Beetle11/19/2012
Corn Earworm on Ornamentals05/30/2016
Larger Canna Leafroller12/20/2016
Redbanded Thrips on Ornamental Plants09/27/2017
How to Send Specimens for Disease, Insect, and Weed Identification2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Hunting Billbugs in Turf10/25/2017
Sod Webworms in Turf10/25/2017
Sprayer Calibration2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Weed Management in Cotton2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Cotton Seed Quality and Planting Decisions2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Comstock Mealybug02/23/2015
Bean Pod Mottle Virus09/02/2020
Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean09/08/2020
Eastern Gray Squirrel04/10/2017
San Jose Scale on Ornamentals05/17/2016
Hyperaspis Lady Beetles06/30/2016
Imported Cabbageworm on Ornamentals03/04/2017
Striped Mealybug01/27/2018
Sycamore Leaf Beetle03/06/2019
Eastern Pine Looper05/14/2020
Cotesia Congregata, Parasitoid05/26/2021
Precision Agriculture Technology: Choosing a UAV and Sensor for Agricultural Applications04/24/2023
Variegated Leafroller02/23/2015
Calibrating Hand-Held Granular Spreaders for Nursery Weed Control02/27/2017
Cotton Defoliation2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybean03/17/2020
Dectes Stem Borer in Soybean05/18/2020
Twospotted Spider Mite in Industrial Hemp08/05/2020
Bacterial Blight of Soybean09/09/2020
Tobacco Ringspot Virus of Soybean09/10/2020
Anomala flavipennis Scarab Beetle11/19/2012
Pine Tortoise Scale04/19/2016
Red Oak Clearwing Borer06/16/2020
Managing Insects on Cotton2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Devrinol (napropamide)11/18/2014
Reward (diquat dibromide)03/20/2018
Southern Blight of Soybean09/08/2020
Screening Sesame for Resistance to Multiple Root-Knot Nematode Species07/18/2022
Smaller European Elm Bark Beetle03/18/2014
Elm Lace Bug03/27/2019
American Plum Borer in Ornamentals08/24/2017
Impervious Surface Thresholds for Sustainable Urban Tree Planting and Landscape Design05/10/2016
Tobacco - Iron (Fe) Deficiency01/01/2017
Plant Growth Regulators2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Soybean Powdery Mildew05/20/2020
Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus09/08/2020
Investigating Cover Crop Mulches in North Carolina Cotton Production05/11/2022
Foxglove Aphid05/20/2016
Holly Berry Gall Midge04/03/2019
Ligustrum Weevil09/16/2016
Banded Greenhouse Thrips03/02/2018
Chilli Thrips09/14/2019
Measuring Impervious Surface Cover with the Pace to Plant Technique05/10/2016
Natural Oils and Acids09/10/2015
Nematodes in Turf10/25/2017
Abbreviations2023 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual02/09/2023
Peanut Insect and Mite Management2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Cotton Production with Conservation Tillage2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Slugs in Soybean05/19/2020
Red Crown Rot of Soybean09/04/2020
Fall Armyworm in Ornamentals02/13/2017
Peony Scale Insect02/13/2019
Alder Lace Bug/Birch Lace Bug02/28/2019
Asiatic Oak Weevil07/23/2019
White Apple Leafhopper02/23/2015
Pennant Magnum (S-metolachlor)02/04/2015
Surflan (oryzalin)07/20/2016
Southern Foresters’ Observations of Threats to Forest Health and Implications for Continuing Education01/05/2018
Disease Management in Cotton2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Herbicide Injury – ACCase Inhibitors04/29/2016
Phytopthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybean09/04/2020
Seed Decay and Pod Blight09/08/2020
White Mold of Soybean09/09/2020
European Pepper Moth in Nurseries and Greenhouses07/12/2022
Spruce Rust Mite05/02/2016
Leaf Crumpler03/02/2017
Tufted Apple Budworm on Ornamentals01/21/2019
Eastern Velvethead Lady Beetle, Zilus horni01/11/2020
Weed Control2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings03/03/2017
Moles in Turf10/25/2017
Peanut Growth and Development and Peanut Industry Terminology2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Peanut Seed2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Fertilization2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
The Cotton Plant2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Lance Nematode of Soybean09/09/2020
VLCFA Inhibiting Herbicide Injury on Soybean01/22/2021
Nantucket Pine Tip Moth08/08/2017
Juniper Tip Dwarf Mite01/28/2019
Green Apple Aphid on Ornamentals02/21/2019
Predatory Mites on Apple02/23/2015
Snapshot TG (isoxaben + trifluralin)08/24/2016
Cotton Terminology2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Nuisance Ants in Turf10/25/2017
Evaluating Damage From Deer Feeding On North Carolina Cotton08/16/2018
Reniform Nematode of Soybean09/09/2020
Mapa de la Ley de Protección al Trabajador para Pesticidias Agrícolas10/04/2022
Skiff Caterpillar04/12/2016
Crescent-marked Lily Aphid05/18/2016
Cuban Laurel Thrips01/14/2017
Rudbeckia Triozid03/12/2019
Boxwood Pest Management Calendar10/05/2018
Biathlon (oxyfluorfen + prodiamine)08/24/2016
Extension Personnel Working with Peanuts2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Compatibility of Agrochemicals Applied to Peanut2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Situation and Outlook2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Gemini (isoxaben + prodiamine)02/20/2018
Scouting for Stink Bug Damage in Southeast Cotton: Description and Use of a Pocket Scouting Decision Aid06/21/2019
Stubby Root Nematode of Soybean09/09/2020
Oystershell Scale03/23/2022
Cypress Flower Gall Midge04/01/2019
Whitefringed Beetles03/21/2019
Leafroller Weevils03/17/2017
Venus Flytrap Cutworm11/14/2018
Asian Oak Leaf Beetle, Demotina modesta12/10/2018
White-lined Leafroller07/11/2020
Peanut Disease Management2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Striped Pine Scale04/21/2016
Ash Lace Bug03/22/2019
Maskell Scale12/30/2020
Apple Rust Mite02/23/2015
Preemergence Herbicide Efficacy in Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings12/16/2016
Rhodesgrass Mealybugs in Turf10/25/2017
Planting Decisions2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
Developing a Management Strategy: Short-Season Timeliness2023 Cotton Information01/23/2023
The Ground Beetles of Eastern North Carolina Agriculture02/01/2011
Landscape Management Calendar05/03/2021
Spiny Oakslug11/25/2017
Cane Lace Bug09/12/2020
Hornets in Turf10/25/2017
Guidelines for the North Carolina Peanut Production Contest2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Risk of Pests in Peanut, Integrated Pest Management, and Pesticide Stewardship2023 Peanut Information01/06/2023
Sting Nematode of Soybean09/09/2020
Tuliptree Scale Insect05/04/2016
Balsam Twig Aphid03/13/2019
The Lace Bugs (Hemiptera: Tingidae) of North Carolina and Their Hosts10/31/2018
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