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NC Small Grains

This content covers small grain crops including winter wheat, sorghum, oats, barley, rye, canola and triticale.

Crop Profile

  • North Carolina Small Grains
    General production information, production practices, worker activities, insect and mite pests and their control, diseases and their control, scouting for diseases, non-chemical pest management measures, and weed management are detailed in the profile. List of Extension Specialists is included.



  • Disease Identification & Management 
    The link above leads directly to the disease ID webpage within the NC Small Grains Production website. Topics include small grain disease management, wheat diseases and identification, fungicides for small grains and information.



  • Weed Identification & Management
    The link above leads directly to the webpage within the NC Small Grains Production website. Guides on weed control, weed identification and control are listed. Photographs are posted.
  • Weed Identification Guide (from Virginia Cooperative Extension)
    An aid to identifying common weeds and weed seedlings found throughout Virginia and the the Southeastern U.S.
  • Winter Weeds Video
    Winter Weed Management For Small Grains Major weeds of southeastern small grains include Italian Ryegrass, Poa annua, Common and Mouse-ear Chickweed, Henbit, and Purple Deadnettle. This video helps with identification and management of these weeds.


  • North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual
    The manual has ten main sections:
    I. Pesticide use and safety information
    II. Chemical application equipment
    III. How to send specimens for disease, insect, and weed identification
    IV. Fertilizer use
    V. Insect control
    VI. Insect and disease control of fruits
    VII. Chemical weed control
    VIII. Plant growth regulators
    IX. Animal damage control
    X. Disease control
    Detailed information on controlling pests of field crops, forage crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, landscape, nursery, livestock, poultry, home garden, communities, and industrial sites is included.
  • Small Grain Production Guide
    Comprehensive guide that contains the following chapters:
    1. Small Grain Growth and Development
    2. The Wheat Enterprise Budget
    3. Small Grain Variety Selection
    4. To Plant or Drill: Does Row Spacing Matter?
    5. Small Grain Planting Dates
    6. A Very-Early-Wheat-Planting System
    7. Small Grain Seeding Rates for North Carolina
    8. Nitrogen Management for Small Grains
    9. Nutrient Management for Small Grains
    10. Insect Pest Management for Small Grains
    11. Insect Pests of Stored Small Grains
    12. Small Grain Disease Management
    13. Small Grain Weed Control
  • Scouting Small Grains
    Publication by N.C. Cooperative Extension Service that covers scouting for weeds, diseases, and insect pests. Also includes weed and disease mapping, soil sampling and pesticide safety.
  • Small Grains Extension Publication Library
  • Canola Production in Georgia (University of Georgia)
    A complete guide to growing canola that addresses growth requirements, production, fertilization, weather risks, and pest management.

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