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NC State Extension

NC Corn

Crop Profile

  • Corn Crop Profile
    A general overview of all production practices; including major crop pest, production information, and agronomic practices in North Carolina





  • Grain Production Guide, Chapter 3 Corn
  • North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual
    The manual has ten main sections:
    I. Pesticide use and safety information
    II. Chemical application equipment
    III. How to send specimens for disease, insect, and weed identification
    IV. Fertilizer use
    V. Insect control
    VI. Insect and disease control of fruits
    VII. Chemical weed control
    VIII. Plant growth regulators
    IX. Animal damage control
    X. Disease control
    Detailed information on controlling pests of field crops, forage crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, landscape, nursery, livestock, poultry, home garden, communities, and industrial sites is included.
  • Scouting Corn in North Carolina
    Scouting and sampling techniques, thresholds, troubleshooting guide, and information management
  • Pesticides & Wildlife – Corn
    This guide contains information to help farmers mitigate risk to North Carolina Wildlife.
  • The Corn Growers Guidebook  (Department of Agronomy, Purdue University)
    All inclusive website with helpful links to everything from newsletters to production guides

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