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  • Southeast Regional Caneberries Integrated Management Guide 
    Guide from the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium addresses disease, insect and weed control for blackberries and raspberries, providing information on specific pests, problems and recommended treatment programs, including spray rates.
  • Wolfpack Weeds – Dept. of Horticulture, NCSU
    Website with “What’s New”, list of publications, weed ID, and herbicide injury information.


  • North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual
    The manual has ten main sections:
    I. Pesticide use and safety information
    II. Chemical application equipment
    III. How to send specimens for disease, insect, and weed identification
    IV. Fertilizer use
    V. Insect control
    VI. Insect and disease control of fruits
    VII. Chemical weed control
    VIII. Plant growth regulators
    IX. Animal damage control
    X. Disease control
    Detailed information on controlling pests of field crops, forage crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, landscape, nursery, livestock, poultry, home garden, communities, and industrial sites is included.
  • Online AG Publications Dept. of Horticulture, NCSU
    A list of publications including growing blackberries and raspberries.
  • Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
    This website has a variety of production information on brambles and includes a list of regional experts and issues of Small Fruit News.

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