Tiny Drones a Buzzkill for Greenhouse Insects

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Bram Tijmons, PAT | 2/28/2019 | HortDaily.com

A novel and a futuristic way to combat moths and other insects is by the use of drones. Start-up PATS developed these mini-drones. Bram Tijmons: “The demand for organic products is increasing, while the regulations for using insecticides are becoming more strict. This requires a sustainable way of combating insects.”

The grower does not have to control the drones by joystick all the time, because the system has to do its task fully autonomously without intervention of the grower. “We want to find a mechanical and sustainable solution which, by reducing crop protection agents, labor, and damage resulting from disease, changes the current crop protection.”

“The system we are developing consists of a base station with cameras, a landing and loading pad, and multiple drones to guarantee continuous activity. The cameras observe the area around the base station and detect flying insects. The system steers the drone into the insect’s flight path to cause a collision. The propellers give the final blow to the insects.”

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