Where Artificial Intelligence Could Take Agriculture

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Ben Sheldon | Indiana Prairie Farmer | 10/17/2018

Typically, when AI is brought up around farmers, the conversation turns to how many brood cows they covered this year for breeding. In this article, AI refers to artificial intelligence.

The ability to capture data on the farm has never been more readily available than it is today. Many questions about how to use and implement data are daunting and prevent producers from moving beyond the comfort of basic yield monitors and autosteer.

To make the leap into data management less daunting, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and farm management information system groups have shifted their attention toward taking some of the burden out of making data-based decisions by using machine learning algorithms.

An example of machine learning algorithms can be found in the model year 2019 New Holland combine, which made its debut at the Agritechnica farm show in 2017. The New Holland combine development team announced the patented proactive and automatic combine feature described below and commercialized as the IntelliSense system for the CR Revelation range of combine harvesters.

The Field and Yield Prediction System is a self-learning tool that predicts changes in slope and crop density in front of the combine. It uses topology data to anticipate conditions ahead of the header. To predict the yield ahead of the combine, it extrapolates the yield of the adjacent passes already harvested and the GPS yield mapping data of previous passes programmed into the combine. The automation system proactively optimizes the settings accordingly.

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