Western Farmers Put on Laser Shows to Shoo Away Thieving Birds

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During every berry-picking season in the Pacific Northwest, blueberry and raspberry growers fight to prevent birds from gobbling up the crop before they can harvest it. This year, some farmers are trying something new and high tech to scare away the thieving birds.

It involves lasers.

Justin Meduri manages a large blueberry farm and cherry orchard outside Jefferson, Oregon. Birds like both fruits.“Flocks can move in of up to 2,000-3,000 starling birds,” Meduri said. The starlings gorge themselves and knock down berries right as the crop is ready to pick. When he failed to take countermeasures, Meduri said the damage could be “inconceivable, huge.”

“We had almost a 20-25 percent, maybe even 30 percent damage loss,” Meduri said.

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Western Farmers Put On Laser Shows To Shoo Away Thieving Birds