7 Fascinating NC Arthropods (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

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This is a post by Matt Bertone, an entomologist and extension associate at NC State. This post is part of our NC Knowledge List series, which taps into NC State’s expertise on all things North Carolina.

Some insects and their relatives (called “arthropods”) are so common, large and/or showy that you can’t help but notice them. That’s why most people are familiar with bees, ants, flies (including mosquitoes), ladybugs, orbweaver spiders, and dragonflies. But have you ever heard of a thrips? Or perhaps a duff millipede?

Although some of these arthropods are generally unknown due to their small size, others are simply uncommon, so you can’t blame yourself for not knowing them. But they still exist and many of these can be found right outside your door – all it takes is a little adventure and, perhaps, a magnifying glass.

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7 Fascinating NC Arthropods (That You’ve Never Heard Of)