Got Pollinators? Concerned About Imidacloprid?

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Imidacloprid Registration Review; Draft Pollinator Ecological Risk Assessment; Notice of Availability

Yesterday the EPA published an announcement for the availability of EPA’s draft pollinator-only ecological risk assessment for the registration review of imidacloprid and opens a public comment period on this document. The following is taken directly from that announcement:

“Registration review is EPA’s periodic review of pesticide registrations to ensure that each pesticide continues to satisfy the statutory standard for registration, that is, the pesticide can perform its intended function without unreasonable adverse effects on human health or the environment. As part of the registration review process, the Agency has completed a comprehensive draft pollinator-only ecological risk assessment for all registered agricultural uses of imidacloprid, with focus on agricultural crops that are attractive to pollinators. After reviewing comments received during the public comment period, EPA will issue a revised pollinator risk assessment, explain any changes to the draft risk assessment, and respond to comments and may request public input on risk mitigation before completing a proposed registration review decision for imidacloprid. The revised risk assessment will also address the ecological risks for all other taxa, as well as a comprehensive draft human health risk assessment. Through the registration review program, EPA is ensuring that each pesticide’s registration is based on current scientific and other knowledge, including its effects on human health and the environment.”

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