Pesticide Broadcast: New Project LEAF Materials Available for Training Farmworkers and Families to Limit Pesticide Exposure

— Written By and last updated by Lauren Gragg

The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs has developed new pesticide safety training materials for use in training farmworkers and their families to prevent pesticide take home exposure. Pesticide take-home exposure occurs when farmworkers take home pesticide residues that may cling to their skin, clothing, hats, boots, tools, lunch coolers, car seats and any pother items in the work environment. Their children may then be exposed to these pesticide residues.

The new training materials, called Project LEAF (Limiting Exposures Around Families), feature the Soto family, a fictional farmworker family who faces the challenge of reducing pesticide exposure in their home. The materials include:

1. Project LEAF fold-out card (PDF) (2 pp, 624K) – a 2.5″ by 2.5″ two-sided bilingual (Spanish/English) card in color that covers the key messages of the training. The card conveniently folds to fit into wallets and pockets for quick reference. EPA document number 735F11003
2. Project LEAF poster (PDF) (1 pg, 738K) – a 17″ by 22″ color poster. The poster is Spanish on one side and English on the other. It features a large image of the Soto family and key messages for reducing pesticide exposure. It folds to fit into a 9″ by 12″ envelope for mailing. EPA document number 735H11001
3. Project LEAF magnet (Spanish – PDF) (1 pg, 462K) or (English – PDF) (1 pg, 462K) – a 4″ by 6″ color magnet in either Spanish or English. The magnet is designed to be placed on washing machines or refrigerators to reinforce key safety messages, such as, “separate worker clothes from family clothes before washing.” EPA document number 735E11002 (Spanish) or 735E11003 (English)
4. Project LEAF brochure (Spanish – PDF) (2 pp, 462K) or (English – PDF) (2 pp, 461K) – an 8.5″ by 1″ color brochure in either Spanish or English. It includes key messages of the LEAF training and features a box next to key messages for checking off when the activity has become part of the household routine. EPA document number 735F11001 (Spanish) or 735F11002 (English)
5. Project LEAF CD radio messages – a CD with five 1-minute messages in Spanish. The radio public service announcements feature the Soto family discussing how they plan to reduce pesticide exposure in their home. EPA document number 735C11001

These materials are designed to accompany the Project LEAF flipchart training delivered by AFOP’s trained trainers. To find an AFOP trainer near you who can deliver Project LEAF training for free, please contact Ms. Levy Schroeder, at or (202) 828-6006, extension 130.

Health care providers or those working in pesticide safety education can receive one free copy of Project LEAF materials by calling the National Service Center for Environmental Publications at (800) 490-9198 and providing the EPA document numbers. Project LEAF PDFs of the brochure, card and poster are downloadable at

To order more than one copy of these materials, please contact Ms. Ashley Nelsen at or (703) 347-8889. Learn more about AFOP and LEAF.

Source: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA Pesticide Program Updates, March 14, 2013