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NC Peanuts

Crop Profile

  • Peanuts Crop Profile in NC
    General production information, worker activities, insect, mite, and nematode pests and their control, diseases and their control, non-chemical pest management measures, weed management are detailed in the profile.


  • Peanut Information
    Published by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and includes a list of extension personnel that work with peanuts. Contents include Virginia type peanuts (situation and outlook), peanut seed, production practices including budgets, weed management, insect, mite and disease management, planting, harvesting and curing, and compatibility of agrochemicals in tank mixing. Guidelines for the North Carolina peanut production contest are listed.
  • Peanut Production for the Carolinas and Virginia
    Website that provides information to Virginia and Carolinas peanut growers, Extension personnel, and consultants. Alerts, news, disease advisories are posted on the web site. Decision aids are available. Multiple topics are covered including cultivars, diseases, insects, mites, production and weeds.
  • Peanut Growers Portal (N.C. Cooperative Extension)


  • Peanut Disease Photos
    A series of photographs of important peanut diseases in NC created by Barbara Shew, Peanut Disease Extension Specialist.
  • Peanut Disease Management
    Direct url link to disease information found on the website, Peanut Production for the Carolinas and Virginia.
  • Peanut Disease Advisories
    Daily peanut disease advisories in NC for leaf spot and Sclerotinia are posted on the NCSU Peanut Disease Information blog
  • Peanut Disease Alerts
    Direct url link to important announcements found on the website, Peanut Production for the Carolinas and Virginia.
  • Peanut Disease Fact Sheet
    Fact sheets on disease symptoms and signs, conditions that favor disease, cultural and chemical control.
  • Peanut Risk Management Decision Aid
    Assess the risk of developing one or more diseases, arthropod, or nematode problem in your peanut crop with this decision aid designed for North Carolina and Virginia farmers.


Pest Management Strategic Plan


  • North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual
    The manual has ten main sections:
    I. Pesticide use and safety information
    II. Chemical application equipment
    III. How to send specimens for disease, insect, and weed identification
    IV. Fertilizer use
    V. Insect control
    VI. Insect and disease control of fruits
    VII. Chemical weed control
    VIII. Plant growth regulators
    IX. Animal damage control
    X. Disease control
    Detailed information on controlling pests of field crops, forage crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, landscape, nursery, livestock, poultry, home garden, communities, and industrial sites is included.
  • Integrated Pest Management Peanut Scouting Manual
    This scouting manual will help growers identify peanut pests and determine whether the number of pests is likely to decrease yield and cause profit losses greater than the cost of treatment. Scouting techniques are included for weeds, insects, diseases, and nematodes.

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