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NC State Extension

Technical Guides

NC Crop Profiles
Crop profiles provide a complete production story for a commodity and look at research activities directed at finding replacement strategies for the pesticides of concern. Crop Profiles include typical use information (not simply what pesticide labels state) and have a common format for ease of use.

IPM Elements
IPM Elements are concise lists of IPM and related practices. These are crop and region-specific, and very efficient resources for determining which practices are recommended by land-grant university scientists for your crop.

Pest Management Strategic Plans
Each plan focuses on commodity production in a particular state or region. The plans take a pest-by-pest approach to identifying the current management practices (chemical and non-chemical) and those under development. Plans also state the commodity’s priorities for research, regulatory activity, and education/training programs needed for transition to alternative pest management practices

Pest ID & Management Guides
A list of helpful guides addressing IPM strategies in various agriculture fields including aquatic weeds, nursery crops.