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NC State Extension

2018 Workshop on Innovation and Regulation in Agriculture

Incorporating the Benefits of Vegetative Filter Strips into Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Pesticides | December 3-5, 2018 | Crabtree Marriott, Raleigh, NC

Vegetative filter strips (VFS) are widely used by producers to mitigate runoff and erosion from production areas. VFS effectiveness for mitigating nutrient runoff and soil erosion is well-established. A growing body of literature has shown that VFS is also effective at mitigating pesticide runoff. Currently, the contribution of VFS is not considered in the standard pesticide exposure assessment scenarios utilized by US EPA. This workshop brought together experts to explore the state-of-the-knowledge with respect to function, benefits, and modeling tools to simulate VFS at a field and watershed scale. Availability of data on the use and management of VFS in conservation programs was explored. Furthermore, information on the economic and agronomic realities of using VFS under different cropping practices was examined. A full report on outcomes from this workshop will be made available in next few months.

Image of workshop participants

Workshop presentations can be found below:

Opening Remarks Laura McConnell, Bayer

NC State’s New Center of Excellence: Advancing Regulatory Science in Agriculture Danesha Seth Carley, Director, CERSA, NC State

Regulatory perspective: opportunities and challenges in considering vegetative filter strips in pesticide risk assessments Moana Appleyard, Kevin Costello, and Nelson Thurman, US EPA-OPP

VFS Effectiveness to Mitigate Pesticides in Runoff Bob Lerch, USDA-ARS

VFS Effectiveness to Mitigate Pesticides: Mechanistic Analysis with VFSMOD Rafa Muñoz-Carpena, Univ. of Florida

Conservation Effectiveness Assessment Project (CEAP), Benefits of conservation practices for water quality Michael White, USDA-ARS

Factors Influencing Grower Decisions to Implement Conservation Practices Nick Goeser, Craigson Group

Registrant Perspective: Seeking a Path Forward to Incorporate VFS in Pesticide Risk Assessment Jane Tang, Bayer

USDA Conservation Programs Relevant to Pesticide Runoff Mitigation. Lindsay Haines, USDA-NRCS