Edible Flowers May Be Your Next New Market

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Nathalie Dreifelds | Greenhouse Grower | 10/21/2018

Floral flavors are the number one consumer food trend for 2018, according to Whole Foods Market. For years, professional chefs have used edible flowers as garnishes or to give dishes a signature flavor.

Consumers are now seeking new culinary experiences at home and experimenting with unconventional ingredients. The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) has been investigating consumer preference for edible flower varieties for positioning in the marketplace.

Edible flowers are surging in popularity as evidenced through research conducted at Vineland.

“In 2015, we surveyed consumers on their preferences for edible garden plants (strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries) and included an edible flower option in the study,” says Alexandra Grygorczyk, Ph.D., Vineland’s Research Scientist, Consumer Insights, who has been conducting research into edible flowers popularity. “We found 35% of respondents were highly interested in edible flowers and would prefer purchasing edible flowers for their garden over more traditional plants such as strawberries and raspberries.”

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