‘6 Secrets to Soybean Success’ Delivered to North Carolina

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John Hart | Aug 15, 2018 | Southeast Farm Press

Farmers in Illinois are quite familiar with Dr. Fred Below’s “Six Secrets for Soybean Success.” And at this year’s Blackland Farm Mangers Tour in Pinetown, N.C., farmers in the Tar Heel State learned how Below’s practices in the No. 1 soybean producing state can work in North Carolina as well.

Below is professor of plant physiology at the University of Illinois. He has presented his “Six Secrets for Soybean Success” in farmer meetings all across Illinois. His six secrets of soybean success are:

  • Weather;
  • Fertility;
  • Genetics/Variety;
  • Foliar protection;
  • Seed treatment;
  • Row spacing.

“Weather is the biggest factor and the one you have least control over. Weather is always No. 1, but the order of the other five secrets can change depending on that year’s weather,” Below said at the Blackland Tour.

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6 Secrets to Soybean Success’ delivered to North Carolina