Can Inoculant + Nutrient Enhancer Up Peanut Returns? Can Less Tillage?

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Brad Haire, Southeast Farm Press

Peanut growers must continue to seek ways to more economically and efficiently increase yields in order to remain competitive.

The University of Georgia Peanut Team conducts many research trials across the state’s peanut belt, including work on real farms and on university research farms. At the Sunbelt Ag Expo Darrell Williams Research Farm at Moultrie, Ga., the team has trials to determine yield response and economic return for select tillage treatments, biological inoculant products, foliar fertilizers and plant growth stimulants. The peanut team’s research work and plots were tour stops during the Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day on July 24.

Dr. Scott Monfort, UGA Extension peanut specialist who leads the team, conducted trials last season at the Expo to compare reduced tillage treatments, using single shank and twin shank rippers, to more common conventional tillage treatments, such as deep turning and harrowing. He used no cover crops in the trials.

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Can inoculant + nutrient enhancer up peanut returns? Can less tillage?