Agent Training On: Truffles, Hops, and Farmlink Programs

— Written By NC State Extension

In November 2016, the State Extension conference will host sessions on truffles, hops, and farm link programs. For more information, see below.


Are you getting calls and emails about growing truffles? This session will bring you up to date on what we know about growing truffles on filberts and oaks and the status of some of the truffle orchards in the state. You will learn about available resources (conferences, workshops, associations, nurseries, testing labs, books, and websites), the truffle orchards we have on the research station in Waynesville, and our study on methods for monitoring colonization in the orchard.


It seems like there is a craft brewery opening up every week and as a result many people think they will make their fortune by growing hops for the breweries. This is not the ideal region to grow hops, so how should you advise potential growers? This session will bring you up to date on the status of the South Atlantic hops industry, the NC Hops Research Program, and what is happening in NC and VA hop yards. You will learn about available resources including conferences, hop yard tours, testing labs, videos, publications, and websites.

Programs to Link Farm Seekers with Land Owners

Across the state there are young farmers looking for land to grow crops and livestock. They struggle with finding good land and affordable options. At the same time we have a population of aging landowners and absentee landowners who want to sell their land to someone who will keep it as farmland or lease it to a farmer with similar values to their own. How do these two groups find each other? We are fortune to have two programs in the state that help match farm seekers with landowners. This session will teach you about these programs and how to make them available to people in your county.